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Interserve customer experience

Connecting customers with buildings, spaces and brands

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Buildings and spaces are things we know a lot about. And connecting people with buildings and spaces is what we pride ourselves on. We know your space is unique. So is your business, and so are your customers. We get it. So let's talk more about your space and how we can support it to encourage visitors to return, again and again.

At Interserve we make places work better. We do this by really understanding what matters to our customers and theirs, and by bringing new ideas to the table. So, whatever your environment - from a national corporate brand or retail park through to a smaller consumer space - we will improve the experience your customers have with your brand.

We literally put ourselves in your customers shoes, walking through and experiencing the building end-to-end. In forensic detail, we look at every possible touchpoint to identify effective, long-lasting improvements to ensure customers have the right experience, every time.

By focusing on such details, the result is a customer experience that simply works better. A customer journey that is fit for purpose, which impresses visitors, which motivates and engages people, and engenders loyalty in your brand so people want to return.

All this is delivered by our one-team approach. The key to its success lies in our in-house customer experience team working in close collaboration with our account teams and our customers.

As customer experiences improve, business enhancement opportunities become evident: greater retention rates; brand loyalty; revenue growth; margin protection; stronger pipeline; improved external perceptions; shareholder and Board trust; industry confidence. The list goes on.


Customer experience is becoming more strongly recognised for the value it adds to business performance. Businesses are now understanding customer experience touches every part of the business: from the moment a person interacts with the brand online, approaches the building or office entrance, the way they travel through the website or use the building’s spaces, right up until they leave. Every interaction that user has with the people, digital assets, spaces and equipment is influencing their experience, and ultimately their decision to return.

But how can businesses go about identifying and improving customer experience? At Interserve, a key part of our customer-centric culture is to develop our own people to become Customer Experience Practitioners. And as an extension to this, we also offer the same to our clients. Express your interest in our next Practitioner programme. 

We see the clear benefits of a partnership that speaks the same language, moves through a journey together and mutually experiences the positive improvements. But above all, it’s about developing people to deliver better at every touch point; to support them in understanding the role they play in influencing a person’s experience; and to offer them the tools and resources to take customer experience for their business to the next level.

We’ve invested in our own in-house customer experience team – a team of experienced and passionate individuals that together, have developed our own Customer Experience Practitioner programme. They take the programme on the road to support our people and clients across the UK. 

Talk to our customer experience practitioners today. 


Setting standards in any environment

Whether we’re supporting charities to improve the experience for their donors; or universities for their students; NHS professionals for their patients and consultants; energy providers and travel companies for their customers; media giants for their people - customer experience touches every sector and every service. 

Central government

Transforming service delivery across Central Government and focusing on the wider benefits for the local community, economy and environment.

Corporate buildings

Transforming corporate spaces to drive maximum value from property and assets, while ensuring the end-user needs are met.

Critical environments

Ensuring business continuity through specialist data centre services and critical environment support.


We identify, design and implement innovative, pragmatic, responsive and adaptive solutions across the UK’s defence estates.


Improving educational outcomes for pupils, staff and communities through innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient FM solutions.


We partner with acute and mental health NHS trusts and primary care providers to help reduce costs and drive efficiencies through FM.

Local government

Working closely with councils to tackle problems, transform communities and change lives while reducing costs.


Delivering efficient FM, asset management and critical works expertise to the manufacturing industry to ensure business continuity.

Regulated industries

Our FM service solutions ensure working environments are safe, secure, clean and compliant while maintaining maximum efficiencies.


Enhancing retail environments to drive footfall, maximise dwell time, achieve cost efficiencies and engender brand loyalty.


We’ve been transforming the passenger experience across the transport sector for over 30 years through innovative and sustainable services.


Our thought leadership and latest insight offers views and expertise across blogs, case studies, research papers, media articles and videos. So have a look through and get in touch today to talk more. 

Sustainability Student Champion of the Year finalist, Megan Young

Megan Youngs is a finalist in this year’s Green Gown Awards for her work pioneering environmentally friendly processes at the University of Sussex.

The heart of the workplace experience

The growth of the knowledge economy means we need to think differently about how we approach the workplace.

The power of the human touch

When it comes to workplace experiences, how far can technology go in satisfying the needs of employees and building users?



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Interserve is committed to protecting and safeguarding your personal data. Please visit our Privacy Policy to find out how your data is used.

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