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Energy management

Fuelling energy efficiency



Energy services fuelled by insight 

In energy management, the most powerful resource isn’t electricity, gas, water or renewables. It’s data. Knowledge is power and the more information you have, the more power it generates to make smart energy decisions.

The success of our approach to energy services is fuelled by insight – putting the power in our customers’ hands to secure real efficiencies.

From procurement and billing to demand reduction, operational efficiencies, local generation, legislative compliance and robust risk management, you’ll be able to see the whole energy picture, not just fragments.

The bottom line is that we can help customers buy better, pay better and use energy better, driving down the life cycle costs of buildings and business operations.

It’s a truism that if you are in business, you are in energy – so fundamental is heating, ventilation, water, power and light to your ability to trade. Read on to discover how our energy services can help you to know more and use less.

Discover how our energy services can help you to know more and use less
Energy Delivery Model

Energy provision is becoming increasingly complex and devolved, with growing variability in supply and demand, volatile pricing, shifting subsidies, policy uncertainty and risks to supply from global events. Alongside legislative pressures, environmental concerns and reputational awareness, the current picture highlights significant issues for business to address. Not just in energy usage, but in energy flexibility, procurement, management and security of supply.


Though these energy challenges are real and pressing, opportunity abounds – whether in embedded generation, alternative fuels, behavioural change or reputational enhancement through a reduced carbon footprint or community support. Our energy services work in partnership to fuel energy strategy and exploit these opportunities: to frame objectives, conduct reviews, capture data, scope plans, measure results and, invaluably, to look ahead and be prepared for whatever the future holds.

Our Energy Delivery Model

Fuelling Energy Efficiency

Being able to see the whole energy picture – rather than fragments which only appear on your agenda as contracts are renewed, subsidies change or as plant requires an upgrade – is, we believe, the only way to achieve true energy efficiency.

Our Energy Delivery Model generates that picture, piecing together every facet of energy information, from how it is procured and paid for, to how it is used and potentially made. In a virtuous circle, each segment – Buy Well, Pay Well, Use Well, Make Well – influences the other. As data is drawn into the Energy Hub, it creates a ratcheting effect, which builds resilience in planning, actions, savings and reporting.

From utility purchasing and regulatory compliance, to bureau services and demand reduction through operational efficiencies and local generation strategies, we will provide the insight to fuel smart decision making.

It squares the circle of how to manage energy with the same rigour, intelligence and payback as your other costs of operation.

By partnering with Interserve, you will know where to focus your energies to produce the easy wins, the no cost / low cost initiatives and the CapEx projects that will generate optimum returns. In short, to be able to buy energy well, pay for it well, use it well and make it well.

To learn more, click the sections in the interactive infographic below:

Energy Hub

Buy well

Energy procurement, purchase and tendering analysis to achieve supply at the least possible cost, aligned with legislative compliance.

Pay well

Bureau services incorporating bill validation, bill payment and performance management through monitoring, targeting, measurement and verification.

Use well

Investigate and action opportunities to reduce demand through Capex projects, improved BMS performance, efficient operations, 3rd party funding and championing energy awareness.

Make well

Evaluate renewables, combined heat and power, energy storage and embedded generation to achieve optimum cost and emission reduction with supply security.

The Energy Hub

As information flows in, better energy management decisions and actions flow out

The Energy Hub is the pivotal point at which the energy operations and business- as-usual activities of TFM provision converge with leading-edge energy solutions and data-led energy services.

It is fuelled by data including, but not restricted to, purchasing, billing, building energy management systems, metering and sub-metering, facilities management provision, energy surveys and embedded generation factors. It uses this hindsight, insight and foresight to create a clear vision of how reductions can be made and efficiencies locked in.

A data dynamo

The Energy Hub plugs customers directly into the invaluable currency of energy data and the gains which can be generated from it. As information flows in, from our FM teams, partners, procurement, analysts, metering, BMS and customer estates, so better decisions and focused actions flow out.

The bottom line costs of operation can be reduced and carbon emissions lowered, with a demonstrable correlation between energy used and business outputs.

Created specifically to meet identified customer requirements for improved energy monitoring, reporting and risk management, the Energy Hub provides reliable, credible information and services in line with the strategic aims of our customers.

To learn more, click the headings in the interactive infographic below:

Energy Hub


  • Review consumption and cost profiles
  • Benchmark performance against specific criteria


  • Develop strategic understanding of customer estate/portfolio
  • Provide reports to support forward-view approach to cost and consumption profiles over agreed periods
  • Draw on robust sources to deliver reliable, usable forecasts and reports, including market statistics and weather data


  • Support strategic decision making with credible information and analysis
  • Support operational delivery activity through information-led evidence


  • Tailored reporting to match customer needs
  • Provide meaningful and relevant reporting via online portals or physical reports
  • Review content and impact to drive future positive engagement


  • Provide expert reviews of performance in agreed, predetermined formats
  • Deliver clarity and transparency in the measurement process


  • Partnership approach to both customer and contract team in all energy-related activity
  • Availability to support specific engagement needs and campaigns through information provision
  • Provide reporting and resource to measure impact of projects or campaigns


  • Ongoing review of services delivered, reports produced and support provided to move with the needs of the customer
  • Processes and deliverables revised to further develop and improve service offered
  • Review and monitor impact and performance of energy projects and initiatives through close monitoring and reporting


  • Through a strategic approach, understand the key factors affecting utility management
  • Develop thorough, actionable plans to support effective risk management from procurement to reporting to compliance needs
  • Use valuable market insights to support strategic decisions


  • Use information-based analysis to prove the accuracy of campaigns and energy reduction activities
  • Establish key measurables against which reviews can be performed with clarity


  • Connect Energy Hub to customer sites to receive utility information in a consistent and robust manner
  • Collate agreed key customer metrics to include in further review and analysis
  • Early engagement to ensure data sets are understood and can be captured

Our contract energy plan

Core to our delivery of energy services is a belief that it should form an ‘efficiency loop’, which continually feeds benefits into the business, rather than a linear process with an end-game pay-off.

Energy is dynamic, embedded into every facet of operation and subject to fluctuating prices, subsidies, usage, climate change, renewables development, policy fluctuation and legislative change.

Such a complex matrix requires a joined-up and strategic response. One that delivers consumption reduction, carbon reduction and financial returns, but also looks down the road to address energy innovation, business change and an uncertain future.

By following the plan illustrated here, we can investigate, interpret, plan, act and report. The output is energy productivity – a resilient approach which enables you to better manage energy usage, operate assets more cost effectively, secure energy resilience and lower carbon emissions.

Discover how our energy services can help you to know more and use less

Our Energy Services team can quickly assess areas where your business could be more efficient and make savings

Discover how our energy services can help you to know more and use less Download the energy services brochure


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