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Asbestos Management Programme: HSBC


Asbestos management programme for HSBC

Interserve delivers total facilities management and small works to HSBC, across 1,290 office and retail units over two years. Following on from the success of this contract, in 2012 Interserve was awarded a two year contract to deliver asbestos management surveys across their estate in accordance with the new Asbestos Survey Guidance Standard [HSG264]. The scope of work carried out by Interserve includes:

  • Asbestos Management, Refurbishment/Demolition and Condition Monitoring Surveys fully compliant to HSG 264, The Surveying Guide.
  • Asbestos Remediation and Removal Works fully compliant to HSG 247, The Licensed Contractors Guide. 
  • Asbestos Awareness Seminars to IFM and approved Contractors and Sub Contractors.

The contract, worth £2.4m, covers over 1,200 retail locations, 200 residential locations and 60 large buildings across the UK and the Channel Islands.

326 locations were notified as high risk and required surveys to be completed by December 2012, with surveys on medium risk buildings to be completed by mid 2013. A progress dashboard is used to track the progress of the works and to highlight any potential issues to stakeholders. This also ensures that mutually agreed KPI’s are being met. Monthly reviews also mean that any amendments can be made to suit building acquisitions or disposals or a change in priorities.

By undertaking a full range of works Interserve has complete oversight across the programme, ensuring that standards of accuracy are maintained and the capture of the survey data is accurate. Action plans for individual sites are centrally managed and a single point of contact gives a consistent management approach. Furthermore dedicated key employees from the environmental services team are allocated to each

Key benefits

  • Tailored programme to suit HSBC and its customers’ needs 
  • Dedicated project management team with area based surveyors
  • Comprehensive service provided by Interserve, giving HSBC a single point of contact and accountability

Key services

  • Asbestos management, planning and surveying 
  • Refurbishment and/or demolition surveys 
  • Asbestos removals 
  • Asbestos awareness training

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