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British Airways Maintenance, Cardiff


British Airways Maintenance, Cardiff

This dedicated, purpose-built facility comprises a 242-metre, three-bay hangar, support workshops, a paint shop, offices and ancillary areas.

Interserve has been providing building services and fabric maintenance at BAMC since 1993, which includes maintaining the equipment used by BAMC's Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. Interserve also provides monthly performance measurement and reviews for each area of the operation and energy management via a Trend Building Management System, including monthly energy reports to help identify major deviations from the norm.

In March 2006, Interserve provided a scaffolding and cladding solution to facilitate a total refit of the internal furnishings of BA's fleet of around 160 planes. A significant proportion of the project involved electrical and building works, in particular creating interfaces with existing hangar IT systems. Interserve also project managed the initiative as well as completing the electrical and compressed air installation.

A second project was to convert the 747 maintenance bay to accommodate the Boeing 777. Interserve developed a flexible internal hangar space with an innovative 'nose-in facility', providing a fourth external hanging bay, connected to the main hangar through a fixed air bridge link. The BAMC maintenance hangar is now one of the largest in the world and provides a heavy airframe and engineering maintenance centre.

Alan Parsons, BAMC Facilities Manager, commented:"You cannot distinguish now between what is 'production' and what is 'support', it is effectively one team that has evolved, even though we work for different companies, we share the same objectives.

"We have three service bays for the aircraft, and each bay has a dedicated bay cleaner. They know when each Aeroplane is due in and due out. I don't have to tell them what to do. They just do it. If an opportunity comes along, and the bay is clear, they will clean it. They take genuine pride in what they do."

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Located at Cardiff International Airport, British Airways Maintenance Cardiff (BAMC) provides engineering facilities to overhaul, repair, modify, test and inspect British Airway's long haul fleet of Boeing 747-400 and 777-200 aircraft engines.