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Anglian Reconditioning Framework

Anglian Reconditioning Framework

Anglian Reconditioning Framework

Maintenance of the Environment Agency’s assets to manage flood risk and comply with legislation

Anglian Reconditioning Framework

The Anglian Reconditioning project was created to efficiently manage the delivery of the work requirements from various different funding streams and internal functions, and turn them into an effective and transparent programme of works to meet the Environment Agency’s KPI, other targets and outcomes.

The Recon et al programme is to procure a number of small schemes (over 300), that have previously required individual approvals and been delivered independently together. The programme also includes a number of large MEICA works and barrier repairs, all of a maintenance nature, which need to be delivered by ncpms, the default delivery team. This new way of working is driving efficiency through packaging, delivering outcomes and maximise value. The philosophy is to undertake repair, refurbishment and minor improvement works to sustain the function of assets satisfactorily for the next 10 years. This philosophy will be adopted across all of the functions within the Environment Agency, for example, FCRM, Waterways and Water Resources will be embedded in any environmental work undertaken. For example, Water Framework Directive compliance assessments. Whilst we are working at the site, every opportunity will be sought to incorporate other works, to maximise efficiencies and delivery business outcomes.

Northern Region Schemes

East Drain Bank Works £80k
Greyfleet Bank Works & Maintenance £120k
Lower Witham Bank Works £240k
Lowlands Farm Bank Works £110k
Syncil Dyke Flume £140k
South Forty Foot £240k
Wash Performance Review Sea Banks £1m
Maud Foster Sluice Gate £130k
Culvert Works

Labworth Dyke £1k
Leather Lane £150k
Porters Brook £10k
Recroty Lane £5k
Wivernhoe Park Ditch £2k
Ancholme Valley Bank Works

US Black Dyke £40k
Waddingham Road £10k
Redbourne Old River £30k
Bishopbridge £50k
Fish Pass Schemes

Wellend Pilot Catchment £30k
Orton Lock Fish Pass £1k
Barrier Schemes

Canvey £2.7m
Tilbury £710k
Colne £1.1m


The innovative approach adopted by the Environment Agency in implementing a bespoke procurement process, and a streamlined FSoD approval plan has been instrumental in delivering target outcomes and repairing failed assets. Assets which have been neglected in the past because of various constraints including access and health, safety and environmental issues, to maintain flood defence systems, protecting peoples businesses and the environment.

The integrated team has demonstrated its resourcefulness and commitment by delivering to date, over 150 schemes, which if traditional procurement routes had been followed, may not have delivered the completed schemes within the actual timescales achieved.

The innovative approach portrayed by the RECON programme has brought together a number of organisations, including the EA’s operational teams, which have shared knowledge, experiences, lessons learnt, best practice and through collaborative working, have driven down costs and delivered works in a timely manner, achieving targeted efficiency savings of 15% and at the same time, very importantly, maintaining flood defence systems, protecting peoples’ businesses and the environment.

Over 700 lessons learnt (The Good and Not so Good) have been captured, which will feedback back into the programme of works and future framework arrangements, including for the next phase of the Recon project.



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