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Delivering excellence in customer experience

Delivering excellence in Customer Experience
16th May 2018


Today we celebrate ‘World FM Day’, with the theme ‘enabling positive experiences’ being the main focus this year. As facilities management (FM) providers, we can influence and change the way we manage different environments – identifying the workplace consumer is therefore key to delivering customer excellence.

Identifying the workplace consumer

Modern customers are demanding more from brands and businesses. Increasingly, we expect not only a great product or service, but an experience that resonates beyond a straightforward purchase.

This focus on experience is forcing consumer-facing organisations to work hard to identify what makes a customer choose their products and services – and keep choosing them over a long period.

Leading organisations across all industries are investing in customer service and customer experience management to ensure that people keep coming back. Critically, these trends are also affecting the way that we see our places of work. Where historically employees may have expected little in the way of experience from the workplace, organisations that want to attract and retain the best talent – and bring out the best within its employees - need to see its teams as consumers within the workplace.

Defining customer excellence

To understand how we can identify the needs of these workplace consumers, we need to investigate what makes a great customer experience.

Organisations that deliver excellence in customer experience have developed customer-centric cultures, often overcoming organisational barriers and working closely across different parts of the business to ensure that the customers’ needs and expectations are met.

The use of digital technologies - from data analytics and digitised workflows to the creation of bespoke globalised relationship management systems – means that organisations now have the tools to gather information about customers every time they interact with their brand. These tools mean an organisation can gather information on a customer across multiple platforms (web, phone, mobile, social media, in-store, etc.), enabling it to build up a detailed picture of individual and group behaviour as well as trends.

Delivering customer excellence

We’ve identified 8 lessons on how organisations can apply the following factors to achieve customer experience excellence:

    1. Know your users

    2. Clarify and define your user experience

    3. Recruit and train ‘people people’

    4. Deliver added value through people- centred analytics

    5. Strive for continual improvement

    6. Treat employees as customers of the workplace

    7. Define workplace values

    8. Recruit people who understand and can deliver those values

Consumer behaviour is changing

We have learned from our two-year research project into workplace experiences, The Science Series, that customers now want more from the brands they love. They want proactively and quick responses as well as more value exchange throughout the life of the product or service. They are looking for a hassle-free, interaction-rich, bespoke experience where the story they are told has true meaning and reflects the brand’s values with honesty and transparency.

Read more about our workplace experience research here.

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