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Self-delivering FM solutions

FM self delivery
27 November 2019


Interserve, the leading support services, construction and equipment services company, self-delivers single, integrated and total facilities management solutions to more than 2,000 clients across the UK.

In March 2018, it opened its five-storey, 12,000 square meter Midlands regional office which offers an impressive reference for its facilities management self-delivery capability. Named by its employees, Ingenuity House supports 1,600 employees across 79 self-bookable meeting rooms, 8 training areas, 76 breakout spaces and numerous open-plan desk areas.

Living its One Interserve culture, the support services provider moved in more than 1,300 employees from five separate divisional offices across the Midlands over four consecutive weekends. This has seen a reduction in total energy consumption and costs as well as less carbon emissions while improving employee collaboration, wellbeing and productivity. 


Ingenuity House provides a safe test bed for trialling new solutions covering technology, processes, systems and equipment. Suppliers work with Interserve’s relevant team around developing a required solution. Solutions are then tried and tested ahead of being proposed or implemented into customer sites. Testing so far has included EasyCube sensors, robotic vacuums, remote water monitoring, Headspace meditation and sustainable filters, as well as suggested changes based on building management system (BMS) data for maintenance, asset performance, workplace efficiency and space optimisation.

Interserve has set up an internal innovation steering committee in collaboration with its operations, customer experience, business development, internal and external communications, health and safety and procurement teams. The committee is tasked with identifying innovations across the business and educating colleagues and customers on Interserve’s innovations.

The engineering team has also set up an Authorised Person (AP) training centre that provides best practice training to Interserve’s maintenance teams across the UK. Training is carried out at Ingenuity House with skills and successes being shared across the wider business. 


Connecting employees and visitors to brands, spaces and buildings is something Interserve prides itself on. Its workplace experience solutions are backed by its two-year research programme to look at the science behind effective workplaces. Interserve set out to understand what makes a workplace productive and supports employee wellbeing. From this, it captured four key findings and six practical steps. These outcomes are now underpinning its workplace methodology which is being trialled at Ingenuity House. The methodology is a collaboration across its in-house customer experience and FM teams as well as building users. It will design, manage and evolve the workplace to deliver an environment that emphasises productivity, supports employee wellbeing and ensures people enjoy moving around the workplace. 


Ingenuity House is currently rated Excellent by BREEAM – the world’s leading sustainability assessment for buildings, infrastructure and masterplanning projects. This places the building within the top 10% of the UK’s non-domestic buildings for best practice.

The external 1.5m overhang not only shades the building from glare, it also allows it to be self-cooling. Thermal wheels in the induction heating units (IHU) recycle up to 12 degrees of extracted heat, reheating air going back into the building.


The consolidation of Interserve’s five regional offices into Ingenuity House has seen electricity consumption reduce by 60%, which is 32% below expectation. Energy costs and carbon emissions are also below target at 25% and 29% respectively. Water consumption is on average 13% below best practice, with an 18% improvement on the 12 months prior.

Interserve’s 18 wind turbines installed on its off-site car park generates an estimated 1,350 kWh of electricity a year that is fed back into the buildings main supply, as well as electricity imported from its 76 solar panels.

Its lighting energy reduction project has also returned savings allowing all electric vehicles to be charged at the building for free.

In the 18 months that the building has been live, many energy optimisation improvements have been implemented. From simple changes such as scheduling bank holidays into the BMS to programme non-critical plant to ‘off’, and restricting chiller and boiler operations to summer and winter respectively. As well as more technical changes such as altering dead band controls to improve heating and cooling cycles throughout the building and plant.

The BMS also controls the internal lighting system to adjust to luxe levels based on sunlight coming into the building. This adjusts the artificial light dependant on what is naturally available, ensuring optimal lighting is always achieved within the building while saving energy. 


Interserve encourages its employees to consider ‘green travel’ for their daily commute. Employees have access to Interserve Liftshare - a platform dedicated to car-share schemes – where employees can register available seats in their cars or as a passenger. The platform allows users to connect and share journeys while splitting fuel and car costs. Those using the car share scheme are offered priority parking at the building.

Cyclists have access to 56 secure undercover bicycle parks as well as showers, changing rooms and lockers. And with Birmingham International train station just a six-minute walk from Ingenuity House, this major transport hub offers easy access to many cross-country train lines.

At the building there are 449 car parking spaces including 25 electric vehicle charging points. Additional off-site parking fits up to 450 cars and is less than a mile away with employees being transported to and from the building by a 37-seater hybrid vehicle. 

From the moment you enter Ingenuity House to the moment you leave, you are supported by Interserve’s own facilities management team. The 64-strong team includes front of house, security, workplace support, logistics, catering, cleaning and engineering teams all working together to ensure an optimal user experience every time. 


The front of house team manages the visitor experience for 580 visitors on average each week. The team work closely with Interserve’s customer experience team to constantly review and improve the customer journey. The FM team has completed customer service training, and line managers have also completed Interseve’s own Customer Experience Practitioner programme.

Workplace brand standards have also been developed in collaboration with the FM and customer experience teams. These standards highlight what’s important to building users from their viewpoint. It details needs and wants across the users’ end-to-end journey throughout the building, from the moment they enter the car park, move throughout the building and until they leave. This supports the FM team to consistently deliver user needs and meet expectations across all service lines. 


In the buildings impressive atrium sits a 154-seater restaurant space with a fully self-sufficient kitchen, serving gallery and a high street branded coffee shop. All catering services are delivered through Interserve’s catering brand – Autograph – including daily fresh preparation, menu design and service.

An average 675 meals and 990 hot drinks are sold each week. Autograph’s own dieticians create flavoursome menus to offer employees creative and themed food options to fuel them throughout the day. From powering up in the morning with a healthy breakfast to taking employees through the afternoon with nutritionally-balanced lunch options, as well as a variety of snacks for the health conscious or those looking for something a little less healthy. 


Behind the walls of the general areas is a state-of-the-art security communications centre. The centre monitors 700 manned guarding sites and 1,700 key holding sites across the UK including Interserve’s own estate and its customers’. Six SIA accredited security guards operate the communications centre which also provides alarm monitoring, business continuity planning and access control. 


Workplace coordinators were onsite at Ingenuity House before the first phase of employees moved to the building. They became familiar with every area and corner of the building, including the high-spec IT equipment installed throughout the meeting rooms and employee desks. The workplace team are on hand to support all 1,600 employees and visitors across the building. They manage an average 87 reactive support requests each month, with each being resolved the same day. Requests are received through emails, calls and walk-ups, and include everything from way finding, equipment set up and storage requests through to event management and inter-building team moves. 


Ingenuity House is kept clean by 16 cleaning employees. This includes daily office, reactive, periodic and deep cleans.

EasyCube is installed within all washroom facilities and has reduced cleaning hours by an estimated 20%. The data-driven solution allows real-time monitoring of the volume of users entering the washrooms, allowing cleaners to refresh the facilities based on user volume rather than schedules. It also notifies cleaners when handwash dispensers are running low so they can be refilled as needed. 


Keeping the building performing at its best are four engineers. An average of 400 service requests are received each month with a 100% first-time fix rate on the same day. Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is carried out each month, with an average 130 PPM requests.

The building is monitored 24 hours a day with Schneider Electric’s building management system (BMS). This is a digital monitoring system utilising the Internet of Things to track the internal and external performance of the building. From energy efficiency, smarter workplace place optimisation and fire safety to responsive lighting and alarm monitoring, the BMS tracks everything from how air is travelling through the building to how the building is heating up and cooling down. It also identifies faults before performance is impacted allowing proactive maintenance to reduce any unnecessary building downtime.

Interserve’s FM team analyses the data captured from the BMS to improve asset life cycle, productivity mapping and user experiences. For example, asset performance, meeting room usage, temperature control and building user journeys. It also links to access control allowing the FM team to know how many users are in the building at any time. 


Ingenuity House is much more than a regional office for 1,600 employees. It showcases best in class self-delivery standards from across Interserve’s divisions including construction, support services, engineering and training and development. The building provides a safe test site for ideas, innovations and new solutions. It supports talent development while encouraging greater collaboration and flexibility, and is a significant move towards improved employee wellbeing and productivity.

All this offers customers an impressive reference of what Interserve does as a business, and what they can expect when partnering with the support services provider.


  • Authorised Person training centre
  • Trialling workplace experience methodology
  • Electricty consumption reduced by 60%
  • Energy costs are 25% below target
  • Carbon emissions are 29% below target
  • Water consumption is 13% below best practice
  • 580 visitors are welcomed to the buidling each week
  • 700 manned guarding sites and 1,700 key holding sites are monitored through the security communications centre



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