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Marine and Rivers

Marines and rivers


Interserve is committed to protecting the health and heritage of UK waterways. It's a job we've been doing for more than 100 years which means we have a complete understanding of working in marine and river environments.

In-shore marine and river projects are of huge importance to everyday life in the places they affect and are often carried out in the full glare of the public eye. To maintain their reputation, we help clients engage with local communities, by keeping the public informed at every stage of the project and by minimising disruption and environmental impact.

Our floating plant has enabled us to relieve road congestion by using rivers and waterways as a transport network during construction, while minimising our carbon impact and delivering on our sustainability commitments. It also means we can carry out projects that are inaccessible from the land.

The experience of our highly skilled team provides assurance that we can deliver projects efficiently and effectively.

Our knowledge and capabilities cover all areas of the sector, including:

  • In-shore marine - port, harbour and marina development, coastal defences, construction and maintenance of bridges, pontoons, jetties, wharves and piers
  • Rivers - river walls, flood protection, dredging, dam construction
  • Heritage - maintenance and refurbishment of the infrastructure of Britain's waterways.


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Truro Flood Defence Scheme

The Truro Tidal Defence Scheme involved replacement of a 296m length of the tidal quay with a sheet pile wall supported by ground anchors, and a cathodic protection sy...

New flood wall installation-Boston Haven flood defence

In 2013, Boston experienced the worst floods in its history. Interserve were contracted to install a new 240m long sheet piled wall in front of the existing.

Tilbury Docks Barrier Refurbishment

The Thames Estuary 2100 Strategy outlines the need to maintain a tidal defence across the entrance to Tilbury Docks until the year 2050.


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